Still Off Track

During the holidays and bathroom renovations, I didn’t get completely back on track with my lifestyle change. I didn’t completely fall off the carb wagon, but I haven’t exactly been great about eating either. I went to the YMCA a few times before I managed to catch whatever the kids brought home from school or […]

Off Track

I got off track with a lot of things over the past month or so. The Christmas season was busy around my house. Aside from all of the shopping and socializing, we also had a minor household emergency, which is still taking all of our free time. I missed a bunch of posting opportunities, and […]

The Big Confession (Part 2)

After the doctor visit, we didn’t go home and throw out all of the “bad” stuff, like most people would do. We do, after all, have hungry children and teenagers. There would surely be mutiny if we took away everything that they like to eat. Since we have been trying to eliminate most of the […]